particules on surface

i tried to set some little sphere all over the outside faces of a volume

but they are not stiking to the surface only far form the surface outside

how can i make theses objects stick to the surface ?


Hi RickyBlender

If I understand you correctly then the spheres should be on the outside. In that case do not set the Emit From to ‘Volume’, but to ‘Faces’. Because it the object emits from its volume then it emits from its inside.
If you take a cube that is to emit spheres, both objects should inhabit the same x,y & z position (e.g. 0,0,0). Set the initial velocity just as you did, but to a positive value.

You will see that however hard you try, the spheres will always intersect with the faces of the cube. The reason is that they are positioned at the object centres of the sphere. So select the sphere in edit-mode, select all vertices and move them a little off-centre. Do that in all views.

Now you should get your desired effect.
The screenshot shows my particle settings and how the object centre of the sphere is no longer at the centre.

I hope it helps,



did try the face only but it did not change anything

is there some sort of reset to re calibrate the viewport for particules and re locate the objects?

and whn you say
both objects should inhabit the same x,y & z position (e.g. 0,0,0).

sorry don’t understand what you mean!

is it the same center for the 2 objects?

one thing is if i dsplace the little sphere then ibegins to relocate all teh sphere around
but it does not do like the dupliface tool?


i did a test with a cube and it seems to work fine!

but the shape i have is not a cube it’s a glass or cup or buck to hold some liquid inside
the spheres are like water dropplets on the glass outside
and it could be almost any shape other than a cube!

now as shown in the sample file it is possible to do it but dont’ understand how it was done

i hope you can figure this one

i tried so many things i don’t know anynore what else i could try?