particules system - on surface

how can i set up a particule system to reproduce a little object
,amy times on the surface of another much bigger object
with some ramdomness on location of faces

may be there is a tut on this

i already tried one but i don’t get the OB to reproduce on the faces of the bigger object

now i did center the little object at the center of the bigger object

see pic

Thanks for any help

I’m not sure to understand… is this what you need?

edit: about the randomness you may give a try to random face selection and use it as vertex group


didnt we go through this in my thread? post a blend please…

Oh, its because you have it set to emitter, just set it to hair…

I’m using it as emitter and it works…
And about the randomness I’ve completely missed the random parameter

yes, you can do it like that by selecting unborn, but do you have random size?

also you loose the cool particle edit features, and I do not think you can apply an emitter. its mainly used for animation. you are likely to get things flying around if you press play. so for the purposes of modelling, it wouldnt be my choice.

first can sopmeone remind me of this particules mode
whwat does it allow me to do ?

i got the objects to show on the surface random
see pic

you seems to say taht you can use hair for this
can you explan how?

i use the none mode with emitter to do this one

but the major problem is if you look at the model the seeds are 1/2 way embeded inside the skin of the fruit

so is there a way to do this with may be a soft material which would defomr under the seed?
see second pic
i’d like of poosible to get something almost photo realitic here if it can be done with particules system!

Thanks guys

To embed the particles, model the indentations in the mesh, then add the low part of each indentation to a vertex group. Then have the particles use that group for distribution.

Sometimes it is easier just to buy stuff.

i know that it is a ore difficult model to do in blender

but i would like to learn it in blender if possible! LOL

now you say to make one vertex group for all the hole’s bottom and then apply OB to this vertex group!

do you have a sample file to study cause i’v really never used this feature before
it would be easier to understand it i guess if it is possible !
i tried it with vertex groupd but i can see only one cube on the sphere see pic
or iwth unborn i see too many cubes

how do you setup this vertex group to get one cube per vertex location?

the only problem i see would be to make something like 150 or 200 holes on the strawberry
to make it look more realist
is there a way to do that in a faster way with blender tools ?


i think i found it by experimenting

see pic

with mode none and vertex group selected
seems to add one cube per vertex in the vertex group defined

see pic

now would there be a way to define this vertex group automatically ?
cuae to be realist i need soemthng like 150 or 200 seeds
and doing this by hand is gone be a pain!

one thng is there a way to apply and make real all the seeds ?


i just saw this soft body wiki page
see last example on page for the matrice being defomr

there migth be a way to collide teh seeds with the skin and deform the skin

but not certain how to proceed for this soft body sim

anybody has ideas about how doing this ?


If you look at the topology of the strawberry models, they give away their secrets.

Its a simple tileable pattern, so you just need to figure out a way to model that.

I think a way to do it would be, model one row going down, then go into top view and duplicate it around the center, then join em up and remove any doubles.

interesting model but that looks too regular ordered i think

but good model in any case

in last resort i might do it that way

you seems to alrady ahve done the model
can you upload the file please!

but in any case i still prefer the particule with some radmdomness on loation of the see
at least it looks more natural i think

but i have the feeling that this might be doable with particules + soft body

but don’t know enough about this physic sim

anyone can help with this ?

or may be i should open up a new thead for this physisc sim


It wasnt my model, its was from the link atom posted, if you click them, there are sometimes topology pics.

ok so should i open a new thread on physic sim for this

using some soft body sim i guess

ro someone can help here ?