particules system ?

if i take a cube subdivide it then add like 2 3 materials for different faces

and then i select first material and add a new particules system
it looks like there will be a particules system added on each material
and i cannot have one particules system on only one material

i might use vert group to do it

but is there a way to add particules system to only one meterial wihtout vert group ?

there is also a tool tip like Shift X to delete but does not seems to work !


If you create vertex groups for each area you can set the particle system to only use that group

i did one model with verts group

but seems that if you let say add 2 loops on a cube you have some sort of problem to create verts group
need to add more loops to seperate the verts group!


I think that the system will emit from any face that includes a vert from the vertex group, even if it is only one vert. You could change the emission to verts, but that’s probably not what you want. You may need to add a loop or two.