[partly solved] Bug tracker bugged? + activation email not sent

The “Report a Bug” link on Blender’s Development page does not work in Firefox. I can get around it with Internet Explorer, but when I sign up to submit bugs, the activation email never arrives, even when I have it resent. Is this just me or what?

Edit: That particular link has been fixed, and I got a new reactivation email by registering a new account. There’s more to be fixed, though.

I managed to get bugtracker access by re-registering under a different name-- this time it sent the activation email right away.

If you want to report bugs, try this:

I’m gonna submit a few bugs about the bugtracker itself and see if that helps.
Edit: Bug submitted at http://projects.blender.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=31086&group_id=8&atid=121
If you can, please add related comments about your recent bugtracker mishaps.