Parts of mesh baking out dark, not normals

Hello, I’ve been stuck on an odd issue… Generally I know normals make some parts go black or dark, however I have recalculated and tried flipping, doesnt help, tried putting light on the area, misses it and hits other parts of the mesh… Ive re-UVd multiple ways… Does anyone else know other methods to fix an issue where the texture bakes out like below

as you can see one side of the blade is fine, but the other side is extremely dark… and I cant fix it. Any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

And it happens in Cycles and Blender Render…

Upload blend file to and tell us the download link

Nevermind I’m a complete idiot… Im used to maya where when you hide something it doesnt effect bake… I still had an image plane I used as source in the scene annnd it was causing that shadow S:
this can be closed/deleted now