Parts of Mesh different colored

Ive modeled a female model for a game, but ive modeled the hands in another filed and exported them into the main characters file. Then Attached the hands to the main mesh. I did the same for the head. but for some reason the hands are staying the defalt grey, while the rest of the mesh is colored. i checked the normals, and the uv map i just cant figure out whats worng.

help would be much obliged.

christ no replies? well maybe a picture to display what i need help with:

The hands are the default grey while the rest of the model is textured. I imported the hands and attacehd them to the body mesh. but i did the same thing with the head and the that turned out properly textured. please i cant figure this one out at all.

Try going to Editing (F9) -> Link and Materials and see if the thingamajig says 2 Mat 1. If it is, click on the Delete button below it.

AT LONG LAST :open_mouth:

thanks a lot friend.