Parts of model not animating properly, others animating perfectly

Hi, I have an issue and I am at my wits end. I have a game engine and I am importing .dae-models with animations from Blender, and I have the following issue (the animation looks fine in Blender itself):

*The model animates correctly in all respects except for that the feet are glued to the ground. All parts move as they should except for the feet which are completely static

I am 99% sure it is an issue with something I have done wrong in Blender and not the import-code in the engine, because I have a test .dae-model with an animation from a tutorial, and it works correctly (made in the same Blender version, 2.78).

Does this ring any bells for anyone? I am quite new to Blender so I do not have full grasp of all the settings and intricacies yet. What I am looking for is advice regarding common mistakes that could lead to this problem and just general pointers so that I know where to look. Thanks in advance for any help.

For Unity and Unreal, use FBX, you can then “bake” all the animation keys into the file to avoid issues like this.

  1. File -> Export -> FBX
  2. Review the FBX options in left panel under the animation tab when you are on the save dialog window.

It should have “Baked animation” ticked which applies a key to every frame for every object so that what you see in Blender is what you get in the game engine.