Parts of objects fall off in Marvelous Designer simulating

I exported the clothes as obj in blender, and simulated them in MD, then the buckles fall off.

Among the UV islands, those that do not have a vertex connection to the main island fall off.
(in this case buckles)

This ‘fall off’ problem occurs with all obj clothes, and also occurs with Blender simulations.
(But I use MD because blender simulation gives bad results.)

So, what I’ve tried to solve the fall off is :

  1. Before exporting, separate only the buckle, then join it after MD simulation.
    However, since this changes the UV, the existing texture does not match.

  2. After MD simulation, only the buckles that have fallen off move to their original positions.
    But this is too hard as it has to be done every time it is simulated.

Any other suitable solutions?
Please advise.

Thats more something for the MD forum. I have not used MD yet but in blender you need a pin group to fix it to a spot.

I think you simulate it without the clip and add it later to it.

You need to parent the buckles to the bra… instead of trying to explain all the steps I have included a simple blend file…run the anim one time to set the cloth physics and see that the Cube ( Buckle ) and the strip ( Bra) are parented and the Bra has a pin group to stop it from dropping to the floor also the cube has the same…

Cloth-Group-Parented.blend (2.9 MB)

Thanks for the advice and attachments.
Parenting is a good tip in Blender simulations. :smiley:

However, the problem is that the Blender simulation gives poor results for tight clothing such as bras.
Changing the options does not improve the result.
This is why I use MD simulation.

Did you sew the edges of the bra straps to the buckle? You should… and also make the pin on the shoulders or a temporary tack…once you have the simulation in MD you can then export the whole thing to Blender if you wish…

Thanks for the video link.
But, this bra cannot be sewn because it is obj file and not made in MD.
I have selected ‘Trace patterns from UV’ to sew, but the original shape is destroyed.

Thank you for answer.
Pin group seem like a good way to simulate normal clothes in Blender.
However, for tight clothes, the results are poor, so I use MD simulation.
(Maybe I’ll have to ask the MD forum as well.)

There really shouldn’t be much of a simulation on a tight garment like this…are you doing bounce-wobble?
Then could you try a temporary tack in MD to tack the clips in place? Just to get the simulation done…then if you are going back to Blender, Parent the Clips to the bra after you add a shrinkwrap modifier.

Yes, in Blender simulation, clothes bounce and wobble because they constantly detect collisions.

In MD, as you said, I tacked the clips to the strap.
(Line Tack cannot be used for obj clothes)

It is attached, but now there is a problem of mesh destruction.
I’ve tacked it in many ways, but the clips are squished.
Because the clips are also simulated as cloth.

So, I keep trying different ways in Blender and MD.
Advice is always welcome!