Parts of the animation are blacked out - holdout material bug?

I’m working on a typographic animation that’s around 2 minutes long - it’s rendered with Cycles.

When I render it out some parts of the animation contain some weird black rectangles or are completely blacked out and I can’t figure out why. There are no objects obscuring the view - viewport preview Cycles render doesn’t show the artifacts, they only appear on the final render.

I am using some objects with “holdout” material to separate different “scenes” of the animation or other objects that are pure black for special effects, but - they would show up on the wireframe. I also animate the camera visibility of those objects or their scale (scaling from 0 to 1 and back to 0) so they don’t show up in those parts of the animation where they are not needed and could cause trouble. Once again - it that was a problem the problematic geometry should be visible in the viewport - but it isn’t. In some cases I can see some relation to the exising geometry - for example int hte poctures below the black region stops where a holdout plane starts in the view. This seems like some geometry processing errors - but as you can see the viewport Cycles render is fine!

Take a look: - normal animation render - with wireframe overlay - with wireframe slowed down 4 times

Download the project file:!HohUQC7B!hY8-lS77M…TYcYBpXoEOl2ec

No demo blend file supplied in you post to review.
Delete all crap from file first (audio etc)

Ok, here’s the .blend file (I removed particle bakes as they were half the file’s size, now its just 10 MB):!HohUQC7B!hY8-lS77Mun4SJcWHob170mjY2UHxTYcYBpXoEOl2ec

I’ve noticed that I can get rid of the blackouts if I rotate the holdut objects present in the scene. This seems to be dependant on these objects - I use them quite a lot in this animation.

PS: I’ve reported a bug: