Parts on weapons

Hello! i’m new to modeling, i’m learning thanks to youtube tutorials, so, as a challenge for my self i want to model the L96A1 sniper rifle, as shows in the image, it has various materials and parts (stock, plastic accesories, scope, bolt mechanism, barrel, magazine…) and i want to know what is the “correct” way to model this, i have to model every part at once in the same mesh, or i have to make, for example, the mag in one mesh, the bolt in another, the tripod in another and so on?

sorry if i’m misspelled something, i do not speak english correctly.

Its up to you, however I would at least initially keep them separate. Also start with the large forms first and only go into detailing later.

ohhh thanks so much <3, i was strugling with topology trying to mantain all in one mesh!