Party Girl - Body Update!

Here is the Party Girl I have been working on. She still needs a body. But her head is close to finished. The hair took me a while but I think I will keep it like it is.

Changed servers…Again…

well the modeling is alright but it looks more like a doll, it needs a nice skin texture for one, and the face seems kinda wrong…the head needs to be rounder.


Its not textured at all. Not yet. The color is just for refrence. No lighting either. I will do all that when I finish the modeling phase. One step at a time bro lol. Thanks!

It needs some work but its a nice model, but there is something with the(i dont know if this the right word for it) cheeckbones, i’m talking about the areas of the face, left and right from the nose. They need more volume, if you understand me.


maybe turn down the spec

I will try that

kinda of a cartoony look, but i like it, especially the hair.

Check out the new update. I took some of the “doll” look away. And I put a little more work on the body. Advice is welcome!

Just an !dea I have

We should start a community model collection. For those people who need that ear or nose or chair or even that whole character! It would be neat if you could have a site that has Models of all diffrent kinds of things. I can tell you that these ears helped me alot. I could not get them right. I added them in and now my model looks even better. It would be cool, we could all submit and take models as we need or as we want.

Its just that I see all the other modeling software that has expensive CD collections with pre-made models, and staying with tradition we COULD do the same thing for FREE! Maybe not a cd but a website or something. Let me know if anyone is intrested, I might just start it today!

intersting, your host wants to install any number of active x advetisment distribution methods, and has an ad for spybot search and destroy

you should probably show a wire

and then get learned about edge loops

Looks like its getting better but the mesh still looks smooshy. Might I suggest a tutorial?

Keep it up!


Ok Sorry bout that. I went back to a little better server. I had no Idea.

Im getting my new domain next week when I get paid. Only 50 bucks a year! I would have did that a long tima ago

TorQ: Thanks for the link. I did something similar I am having a problem around the nose with the wrinkled look . I am trying to fix it. May be bring down the polygons for a smoother look? Advice is welcome.

The Wire Frame is up. I also smoothed out the face a little more.

It would be helpful if you posted a shaded wireframe using the optimized setting of the subsurf buttons. As you are showing there are too many polygons to give you any solid suggestions.


Well I was uploading the wireframe as you were posting. The other one was just for looks. I thought It looked pretty neat. The wires were in Photoshop still and I had to upload them and all that jazz.

K. This is a good start. Looking at your wireframe I can see that your mesh has a lot of problems. There are a lot of edge loops that you deadend for no reason and most of the major ones are not in the right place. Another big problem is that you have too many polys, that is why you are having a hard time keeping it smooth. I was thinking about marking on your wireframe image places that should be fixed but there are just too many. That’s ok though let’s just consider this a practice run. Right now I think you would benefit from stopping where you are and restarting. Make the new mesh based on that tutorial I pointed out to you.

Take a look at this image.

Notice how few polys there are. Note how the model creases and moves in the right places because of the flow of the polys. This is what your mesh should look like. Hope this helps.


Ok I see what you mean. What I will do is take those two mesh(side,front) and use them as a background to trace my new face. I will trace over the main Edges only. Take the poly/face count down. To be honest I thought I WAS keeping the poly count low. Let me redo the face. The body so far is not looking good either so I will abandon that too. I want this to be animated so I want it to look good. Thanks for the advice.

Ok wish me luck.

You defenitly have more patiece than I do. Anyways, I also feel that it would be a good Idea to start over… at the very least you build new skills and develope new ones everytime you blend somthing. The best of luck to you, hope to see the new (and hopefully improved) version soon.

Im going to Houston tomorrow so I will work on this tonight as much as i can and post an update before I pass out!

Party girl 2.0 has started. Here is the first Screen Shot.
I will post all night untill I go to sleep…If I sleep… :wink:

I personally dont see as many mistakes as everyone else. I think you have very promising work, keep it up.