Party Girl moved back to WIP

Finally after two months of work I am done. I added Armatures so I can pose her. What do you think?

Warning! lots of images on this page…56k and below…sorry.

(Decided to make this great and not just OK. Help me with feedback so I can make this one of the best.)*

That’s great, gratulations!
Does she look good? :slight_smile:

I like the last render lol :smiley:

Lookin’ good! Can we see a wider shot? Please ;)?


better angle please

ya, that would help:)

I added a new shot. I also fixed a few things that were bothering me.

Is she wearing plastic, cuz that stuffs really plastic lookin… :wink: One Crit is that the plastic clothing should lay more naturally down her arms and body. Other Crit is that her face dont look quite right, seems to chubby for such a skinny sexy girl… Good work tho~!


The hands seem to be twisted unnatrually and the skin has a bit too much spec.

theres something wrong with her breasts, without a bra, they shouldnt be squised like that

I guess this has turned back into a WIP…

Now that you point this stuff out I notice it more. I thank you.

I made her face thinner, I am working on err underware, and I am working on remaking her arms with more detail. I diddnt have the armatures in the right spot so thats why it did that when i bent the arm.

Also…I will post in WIP for now on with updates.