Party like it's challenge #99 - Mad Sci Lab (upd. 6)

Just a start - some basic laboratory glassware.

They’re looking promising. Now for the madness.

The madness will come when I finish the laboratory.

Minor changes.

EDIT: Fixed link… alltaken seems to have baleted that one.

Next is Faucets, some more glassware, bunsen burner + stand, gas outlets, background. Not really that much more to do… duplicate a bunch after making that stuff and fill the vials with chemicals.

Nice renders. I’m curious how the mad scientist will look like

I have one critic and its about the texture on the right side of the cabinet, it laks realisme cause of the reapeating texture, try to add some variaty. The cabinat has also a lot of very sharp edges.


Unless I were going to paint an entire wood texture for each side or take a picture of one, that’s unavoidable. I am going to map scratches and wear over it with the new procedurals, that may help some. I’m also not going to be showing that side in my final render.

No mad scientist will appear… no time to model that.

lol… you and skeletor are doing same thing… hmm Well my only comment would be is that the texture on sides of table looks weird… Other than that, nice work.


No we’re not, I’m modelling my chem lab here at OSU. The “mad scientist” aspect is probably going to be different too.

OSU? at first i thought you meant ohio…darn

i think it is too dark


Yeah, I’ll work on that.


OSU = oklahoma? sure, whatever.
Anyway, are you sure your erlenmeyer flasks are so curvy near the top? Mine taper and then go vertical a couple of inches.
And test tubes have such large rims?

Uh, sorry but what? Yeah, my university is Oklahoma State University, therefore it is OSU. Whatever indeed. Click on the link instead of being a douche.

Glassware comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, the only thing that is consistent is the capacity. I modelled them all from memory, the beaker matches up with an image I just found in Google Image Search so I’m leaving it alone. The larger test tubes are 100mL tubes and look right… but the smaller 50 mL tubes do need to have a smaller diameter.

hey relax, just kidding, I didn’t actually state anything in my reply.
The wood is a little too specular and the counter top too dark.

Sorry for snapping at you SamAdam - just really seemed like you were taunting me for no apparent reason.

Anyway, looked at the beaker in Blender and I was wrong - it isn’t as it should be. Cheap fix, and I added main faucets and the background.

The board looks bad right now, you don’t have to tell me, I’m just posting to show I’m making progress. I’ll mess with stuff some more later. Still need to do gas outlets, bunsen burners, suction faucets (I don’t really know what those are called, but you use them for suction sometimes), writing on the chalkboard, and maybe some other stuff if I have time. I hope to get this looking pretty dirty once it’s modelled.

I haven’t seen many other people working on their entries, or anything from RobertT so maybe I have a chance at this one.

Nice start. It’s looking really good.

Go check mine out in the FInished Work forum.


Will the WC rules allow conversion to B&W?

i don’t see this as too much of a mad science lab…i think it’s more like a msunderstood science lab… :smiley:

Before the madness can come, there needs to be a laboratory. I’m not going to have a character, but a bunch of messy stuff and writing on the chalkboard.

I believe I’m finished with the scene, it’s time to add just a couple more props and the writing, AO render overnight, and call it finished.

Oh, and I just changed the pic… texture adjustments.

It’s meant to be dark, to add to the dreariness… I didn’t like it bright.

i think blender can render in B\W built in.
edit: it is under the codec selection area/quality slider, 3 buttons, BW, RGB, and RGBA

Thanks Sam. Rendering a full size color right now… taking a while.

After this I think I’ll give that a shot.