Parure Art Nouveau Opals, diamonds, tourmalines and pearls

Hi everyone

Following the good idea of one of my youtube subscribers (thanks GAMER GERMAN), I accepted to challenge myself to create more advanced gemstones materials in BLENDER 2.8 - So was decided that opal gemstones where attractive in particular. Here is the result, and I also took the occasion to create an Art Nouveau necklace to make a nice setting for my opals.
I hope you like the resulting render, all in CYCLES 2.8 - my OPAL textures uses NO IMAGES, it was achieved with underlaying geometry and nodes (I think my material doesn’t have nothing peculiar in the nodes settings, but rather in the geometry used). The other textures are from fotos I took last december and this week. Modeling in BLENDER 2.8, which I must state, is already a pleasure to use. I will be posting my OPAL material as soon as I can, but after I can release the tutorial on the same matter.
I will very likely craft the jewel in real life (that’s my main job), as the 3D model has all the necessary caracteristics to be 3D printed.

4K render at




Really good materials, and amazing details!

Did you sculpt them?

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the details are amazing !!!

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Thanks! Nice of you to notice

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Thanks, glad you liked it!
I used mesh modeling, solidify and subdiv. No sculpting this time.

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Wow, great! I’ve put all my heart into this one, feels awesome, thanks Bart!

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This was created during the making of the tutorial on the opal material, shared through OPAL material NODES here + tutorial on YOUTUBE

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@JOYASROHRBACH hi, I asked the admin and moderators if they create a section dedicated to the makers, maybe if you give your opinion here, and if you post some other work maybe they are convinced :slight_smile:

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Ok nice. I am going to submit my work in favor. I indeed came to BLENDER many years ago to 3D print and I have seen the 3D world change because of 3D printing, and BLENDER has indeed many tools and arguments for the profesional maker.