Pass it on .blend #2

I saw the pass-it-on.blend topic earlier on this forum, and I think it’s a great idea! I’d be interested in doing that with, say, 6-10 guys of my skill level. So if you know how to use Blender, but you are not one of the people who post the really awesome stuff in Finished Projects, I’m looking for you! So give me a shout at [email protected]

Once I’ve got enough people, I’ll post here again and tell you to leave me alone.

A few rules I’ve thought of:

-No 10-minute limit. Just take as long as you need to add a major new component.
-Keep it low-poly, that way it can just get bigger and bigger.
-Don’t delete anyone else’s stuff. Minor modifications/improvements are okay.
-Keep with the theme.

Once I’ve got enough blenderheads, I’ll set up some sort of order and we can get going.

Remember: No Experts! This means a lot of you!

shame there’s not a network’d shared library cvs type thang really.

all the scene objects stored in cvs like repos - objects changed get updated and only your objects get submitted to the library



I’m not really getting the type of response I’d anticipated.
That is, no one has expressed any interest.

Is this not really such a good idea as I had thought?

Anyway, I don’t care what your skill level is, if you’re interested email me.

sencha an email…

I’m gonna send a mail now.
This could end up being pretty fun!
I propose that each person has a timer of 24 hours. That way, someone different can add to the model each day, and it allows people to relax…

Id do it, but im too lazy to send you an email.

Thanks all, I’ve got 4 people now.

I’ll set up an order ASAP.

Good idea Smokey Joe, I think we could make that a rule.

Geeze Enos, if you’re too lazy to even send me an email, I have to wonder what you would do in 24 hours. :slight_smile: