Pass on words

[Pass this sentence on to anybody you see and something good will happen, in the near by future…] i mean this sentence

[Give this a thought, give this a chance, give this time, give show your love to someone…send this to as many as you can and your crush will come up to you and ask you out or maybe even say i love you] then send this one as a good luck charm

try to add these to any forum they really work…and don’t forget to tell me if you sent them to forums or tell me if i should change the sentences to get people to really send them

Hey Yukosera!
So you did ban someone in the end :wink: .

You say: “try to add these to any forum they really work”, but, for what?
& will it work if I translate it & post it on a Spanish - Japanese forum?

Click one of the following buttons, fill in your favorite text, press the submit-button and you will get very rich soon. Trust me, it really works!


lol yes…well i just did those thingys to make people believe anything would work if you do those forward messages…but they do actually work no matter what you do