Passing Darkness Project

Project; Passing Darkenss
Genre;simple RPG Legend of zelda style
Team; Geilarin, Torakunsama

Story short;

Still working on that

I love legend of zelda, I would like to join as an alternate programmer. Good idea :), but I would really like to see screenshots, because we need to see what you have. :slight_smile:

I can’t really comment on the game as there’s nothing to comment on yet, but I’m curious as to why you are using someone else’s (nintendo’s) characters instead of coming up with your own? I don’t know the Zelda franchise too well, but it sounds like kei and maria aren’t from it- why not create the rest of the characters too? I think the idea of playing as an evil wizard’s creation originally made to get revenge on a hero who defeated him is an interesting idea, but I think it could be stronger if set in an original “universe”.

Sure… ibut i haven’t come so far yet

Well Captain…

My favorite character from legend of Zelda is Dark Link… or i just call him Dark, so I’ve just added him to expend the story the game… And of course he isn’t on the same land as Link is… he have traveled far away and that is why Kei and Maria are some characters that i made up… and the wizard i made up too…

I’m just saying that I feel you could make a much more strong story if you made all your own character- if you want to base them on characters from zelda, it’s fine to draw inspiration, but you can add so many interesting differences that just aren’t possible while writing for an existing franchise. You went to the trouble to make up 99% of the stuff on your own (the world, most of the characters, etc) why not go the whole way?

I second Captain’s statement, it’ll be better if you design your own character…
(especially when the character you are using is copyright’d to Nintendo…)

Wll then… i guess i’ll got back to the drawing board…

You can still use your storyline, but call the character something different.

You can make it a parody at the legend of Zelda. Call the main person “Stink” or something (I know, it’s lame :o)

what are you talking about! that’s BRILLIANT!

That was a kick ass idea… but i’ll stick to mine…
btw it isn’t The Dark Link Project anymore… But The Dark Tales( only for now… have no permanent name yet)

The wicked wizard/summoner Azamanius fells that he will soon fall.

Huh? Whats that mean?

I think he made a typo, meaning “feels” instead of “fells”.

Okay every one… i’ve added chapter one…
Mico27 thanks for spell checking :stuck_out_tongue:

No no no!! Dark link is the antithesis of Link. He is incapable of compassion and would not help anyone. In reality he would kill the thieves and the girl then burn her village.

Dark Link is bad. He is an antagonist. If you want to go down the hero storyline you are following then it’s regular Link you want.

Remember that Dark Link is the opposite of Link, He is every bit as bad as Link is good. No redeeming qualities. None.

This is my story and i decide how the characters act!
btw… the prolect name has changed to The Dark Tales( only for now… have no permanent name yet)
So Dark Link is out and Fai Dark has replaced him…

But Dark Link is an established character and what you are (were) talking about is complete role & personality reversal [ie the opposite of the opposite of Link -> Link]

If you use original characters then you can establish them any way you want


I’ve haven’t been working alot of 3d on this project these 2 weeks but i’ve been working on our character personality and some drawings.
I’ve Designed the cave route, some monsters and i’m working on some evil guards and some bosses… most of it is only drawings so far
But guess in around 2 weeks i’ll be working more on the 3d
And btw is anyone else in the project beside Linxgl?

and btw i’ve add an other chapter

Hey guys

i’ve started a web page where i’ll be posting my updates, pictures, .blend demos and files