Passing data through scenes


First, sorry my poor english, i am a latin guy trying to learn something of blender GE
The question is: how i can pass some properties to other scenes?

I have a “game”, that game is splitted in 3 scenes for now, the game is in firs person view and the “main character” is nothing but a camera child of an empty, that empty have almost all properties and sensors of the game (joystick, message, property sensors and so), when the character grab a key (the key is a cube that vanishes with a collision with the empty), the action change certain boolean property from false to true (i´m not using python yet) so character can open a door locken in false value, that´s perfect in the same scene but, how i can pass that true to the other scenes? i tried linking some objects but the result is when other scene is started all the poperty values start in default values, if that can be resolved, i will be able to pass data like stamina, key status, item quest, and make possible a little mission with clear objetives
The change of the scene happen with a “Near” sensor, an “And” controller, and “Scene” actuator (SetScene: nameofotherscene), there is other way to change scene keeping data? (i used the other options of Scene actuator
Any Information?, or Links, any help is welcome REALLY welcome

Thanks a lot
Alexander Cardona
Colombia - South America

You have to use the “message” actuator to communicate between scenes unless you use python. There may be some exceptions, but generally this is the case.

Search for “message actuator”. You should then find some resources to help you.

Edit: After re-reading your post, it sounds like you need to set up save/load scripts. I think in order to use the message actuator like I described, both scenes need to be active (in other words, an overlay scene). I have an example that has a FPS saving/loading ammo/mag properties. Unfortunately, the link is now dead, so I’ll have to look for the .blend.

Ok i´ll try that, but i have to remove the joystick sensors because there is a bug, when you set an overlay scene or suspend scene is not posible use that sensors again,
i`ll look for some python scripts too.

Thanl You


Press control L and link whatever you want to any scene you want…

just select one object at a time and Control L, select scene, and then select which scene to link to

just press L to unlink things, this is nice for moveing things between scenes as well.

Here’s a FPS Demo with a save/load function. It will make a new file in the same folder where you have the .blend. All it saves/loads is integer properties, I’m not sure how you would use boolean properties, but I would imagine it would be very similar. I adapted either the save or load script from Plant Person’s Zark 2 Demo. I didn’t design the levels. :smiley:

(I also used the control L function like Mmph! describes.)

Thanx a lot

The FPSSA. blend work really help me out, the save ammo and load ammo scripts did the job now the data of the quest and objectives can be shared through the scenes of the game, and plus, the data can be saved permanently!, now i can save the progres, exit the game, and load it when game is activated again, and that make the difference from now on, the other scripts of the file are under “research” now :slight_smile:
S_Cross, Mmph! son ustedes geniales caballeros, gracias, saludos desde la tierra del mejor cafe del mundo.

Alexander Cardona
Colombia - South America