Passing in values to material nodes through python

I tried to use drivers with custom properties, but there are problems with it, like not updating properly etc.

I discovered a way to do it, by changing the object color through python and then using it from the material node (UPBGE added the object data node). You can do some pretty cool stuff with it actually.

But I was wondering if there is any other way to do it.

lamp data node also is helpful

True, I have looked into it too, but I was looking for a more general/efficient way to just pass data into the nodes. If there isn’t one, than a workaround.

Nup, the only sane way is the afore mentioned object color. Lamp data and vertex color are other possibilities but I find them more cumbersome to use.

Bummer, perhaps if its possible UPBGE developers could add a feature or something like this into the engine.