Passing objects from one to another

I noticed an earlier thread about a problem I also want to know how to solve, but it isn’t the same, and the answers were alittle complicated for me to understand. I’m looking to have one mesh pick up an object, then pass it to another object, and the other object pass it to a third. The third I would like to hold the object, but have the object suddenly swing freely with the third object’s grasp. I know that Loc rot will lock in the movement of a bone or object, but how do I parent one object in one frame, then parent it to another or have it free in another frame?
Also, can I have a softbody object cling on to a parent at a sort of hinge, but not sail or fold like the softbodies cause objects to do? Example: an object is stuck to a character mesh, but only at perhaps a painted area. The rest of the object’s mass is abled to swing around freely by the pull of gravity. If its parent moves (character mesh), the object’s painted attachment will follow, but the rest will catch up eventually, just without folding or bending.
Apologies if I sound confusing or vague.

one way of doing this is to have multiple constraints and keyframe the influence

lets say you have one object (cube) that you want to switch from one location to another

create the cube and 2 empties
then add loc/rot constraints to the cube with both empties as the targets
(you will have 4 constraints now)

then key-frame the influence of each constraint from 0 to 1 at the appropriate time
(at Frame 1 - full influence to empty 1 - no influence to empty 2
at frame 100 - no influence to empty 1 - full influence to empty 2)

make sense?

then you can animate you empties so your object follows and then switches to the next empty when you desire

You may want to have a look at Igor’s Copy Location Constraint example file in the ActionBook (link, see bottom of page).

/ Mats