password block

How would you make a minecraft block that has a password that you set ,that you can destroy with a gun only if you are near it and you put in the correct password?I want it to have at least three types of these blocks.Could i have a blend file example of this?

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but a good start. Player walks up to this block, hits ‘e’, then types in the word “password” (no quotes, all lower case) and the block ends. You can use simple property sensors and logtoggle keyboard sensors to change the password.

Uses my third-person template. Use either for your own wishes. (Shameless self-advertising WOO!)


PasswordBlock.blend (511 KB)

The idea is for a multiplayer minecraft like game.Where you enter in passwords for the enemys blocks he puts down in order to shoot and deastroy them.You could also find the enemys weapon that comes with the password already in it.The enemies weapon is placed by the enemy where
ever he wants it.

Could i use the blend to make a game as long as i credit you?

You don’t even have to credit me. I doubt I’m the first person to make that system. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going to need a python code that does the same thing because it stopped working for some reason.
With logic bricks there would be to many.