Password protection on a windows folder?

Well my friends have a habit of commandeering my comp, and they usually mess up my blender files… So is there a way to protect a folder using a password?
Windows XP by the way.

Sounds like you need to reevaluate friend choices.

Google is your friend.

Thanks for the help mate, although that wasn’t really what I was looking for.

By the way, I can’t really blame my friends as I spend far too much time in front of the comp quite often doing well… nothing…

Why not just hide the folder (right click > properties > hidden ); make sure ‘show hidden files’ is turnt off for the parent directory (tools > folder options).

That way you can explictly type the folder in the address bar to access it, either as a whole URI or if in the parent directory, append the folder name to the end. Or put a shortcut to it in a strange location like C://program files/hidden/

Even if you hide a folder, if someone goes to select all folders with ctrl+a, windows will say that there are hidden folders and tell you how to reveal them (not very secretive :no:;)). Maybe try an encryption program like Truecrypt so you get both encryption and password protection.

No password necessary. Approach said friends. Say, “Whom ever messes with this folder will gets f***ed up!”

I works much better with a baseball bat in hand.:yes:

Works even better if you hit the one that laughs in the head.

Seriously, what type of ****ing friends are these?

I barely let anyone touch my computer. And if they so much as hinted at messing with my blend files, I’d rip them a new one.

Your are is an extension of yourself. If they don’t respect your art, they don’t respect you.

If they don’t respect you, why the heck are you hanging with them?

You can create a separate, password-protected user account and place your blender files there (drive:/documents & settings/user name). Then, you can set that folder to private (properties>>sharing).

You can also hide your files behind an official looking directory. If you put a directory called ‘system’ under Windows, and hide it, your friends will never find your blender files. Back when I lived with my mother, I did that too. She never found my files, and if she did, at least she didn’t mess with them.

Oh… speaking of that, check your system for any files hidden by your friends.

But yeah, make a new account, that’s better anyway.

With regards to these friends of yours, don’t get too mad at them. They just don’t understand what you do or why, and thus don’t understand that those files may be important to you. You could tell them though, and try to get through to them. If the insist on fucking up your art however… knowing that it is important to you, then and only then should you consider breaking up with your friends. Good friends are hard to come by, don’t let a misunderstanding ruin a good thing.

make a new encrypted partition for the files :wink:
(or use Linux, much better security)

I think I will hide the folder in a windows system folder. Thanks a lot guys :smiley:

By the way how would you create an encrypted partition for the files? Nevermind I’ll google that…

I agree with Friday13, just make a separate account for your friends and limit the folders they can access, and make sure your account is password protected. It’s what I did when I didn’t want my sister snooping around in my files.