I have many many many documents on my laptop
like most of you
almost all of them are passwordprotected.
I am a security paranoid.
About a year ago i horrificly realised that i had lost the password to one of my peices.
I have used about every single frik’in software out there and have seen that none of them work on my microsoft 2007 documents because they are "open password " protected.
Can any one help me
this is very importatant

Ich Kopfshmerzen
seriously getting nervouse ache now

this is a very important and lengthy document
almost 200 pages

Don’t worry - your passwords all are stored in the Washington DC. If you ask the man in the uniform there, and show him your id and proof of address, he’s give it to you.

oh i dont think so,when i visited d.c i tripped on his shoe and broke his arm…
were not freinds…
anyway seriously

Tell me the password you used to protect the document and I might be able to help you out.

haha very funny
but come on im serious

Most well-designed password systems are tough to crack. How strong are the passwords you typically use? If you use relatively weak passwords you may be able to break in using a dictionary attack. If you use strong passwords, you may be in big trouble here.

it was about like 9 or 10 letters i think

Random letters? A mix of upper and lower case?

no a specific name of one of my chars

In that case it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to guess the password, right? Have you tried just good old-fashioned guessing?

ohhhhhh yeah many many times :stuck_out_tongue:

Well then, your only recourse may be a brute force attack (using a program which will try to guess every combination from aaaaaaaa to zzzzzzzzz until it gets the right one).

can yiou give me a name ? :"

Your MS file - it’s a document right ?

Have you tried opening it up in a text editor ?

you what you can do? Re-write the entire document, then when your done you’ll probably remember the password that you wrote for the document and if not, you’ll have the document you just write! Tah-Da! Problem Solved! Joking… Try this…

If your password is one of the main characters, then let’s say one of the characters are Blender

blender (easy password) let’s make it harder
blender1 (a bit harder password) let’s get harder
bLeNdEr1 (ok we are getting there) let’s get ever harder!
bL3Nd3r1 (ok, we are really close) and…
1r3dN3Lb ( now it’s backwards :evilgrin:) and for further…
1r3dNa1b (exchange the 3 with an a so ‘blander’ which is nothing like ‘blender’ and add another number L = 1)

nobody will know what the password is… Ok, so go through those steps with every character names and you should be able to find the right password… Because up the the going backwards state a lot of people use this… Except in different languages…

For example:
random password, you have no idea what it is right? And with the capitals and numbers it’s really hard to guess…

this is actually
4 = h, o = o, M = m, 13 = b, r = r, 3 = e 04 = month of my birth x 2, 32 day of my birth x 2 and 1996, year of my birth

take out the numbers at the end and exchange the numbers for letters and we get:
hombre which in spanish means man

It’s good to know how passwords work when your going to hack your own document lol

I don’t know of any such programs, but I’m sure they exist and can be found easily with Google.

Some docs also have a “read-only” - password option - you may wish to investigate if this was your chosen format.

Word 2007. oooooh. That could be hard, you might wanna write to microsoft support…but they might charge you to help you. Probably your best bet, though.

You could try a freeware hex editor like this. It’s safe and stable, I use it a lot. If you can open it with that, you could your pull your document out piece by piece …but I don’t have word 2007 or 128 bit encrypted documents.

I just bury my CD’s in the back yard. Good luck, lady.

thnx ill try it :0