Past meets the future thing

It’s going to be an open entry because i spent last week on the future car, but any way what do you guys think of it? Good enough to get any votes? C&C are welcomed and encoureged :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. If you meant the Flintstons it’s spelled wrong in the text
  2. wood needs to look more worn and grainy
  3. the ionized particles coming out of the future car needs to look more like particles.

Actually “Flinstones” is right.

The Flinstone’s car is missing a seat and do you really think the McLaren needs wings and particles streaming out the back? Also, will you make a scene or leave it boring?

Also, the scale is off, the McLaren is too small.

those wings on the mcclaren look like bad news for pedestrians :wink:

I like the flintstones car. maybe a bump map to make it more grainy looking.
other than that I think everything looks cool.

Both of these models are really good, and you can tell what each of them represents without having to guess.
A few crits:
I would definitely make the flinstones textures more dirty. Make those rocks nice and bumpy, and covered in mud.
Get rid of the procedural wood texture and add a real one.
The car looks pretty good, maybe just work on the weels a bit.
Also I’m not sure if in the future cars will need giant fins on the top :expressionless:

thanks for your comments guys ill try to fix up the tetures on the flinstones car and i’ll also add dust to the back
Kansas15: i don’t understand what you mean by you third comment?
and yes i’ll make it look more grainy
Wiggie: ohh i did leave the seats out i’ll have to fix that. Well it need to be the future not the presnt so i think ill leave it as it is as for the backround i will leave it plain with some texture in the backround, i want it to be like the mortal kombat loading screen :slight_smile:
Sorry i don’t know how to use bump maps so ill probably put on a different texture and then press the noise button a couple times :wink:
Vulcankid:m ya i’ll have to fix the textures, i’ll update it by the end of today hopefully

I mean the particles look too much like bland boring halos or a bubble jet. Make them a lot smaller and more transparent and get a whole lot more of them

Okay i’ll try that also should i put a ton shader on the flinstone car

Here’s is another update most likley the final one
any last C&C are welcomed

Wood still needs to look grainy and dirty and the the finstone’s car I think didn’t have any exhaust system.

Graineier? okay i’ll work on it
As for the exhaust pipe thats dust how could I fix that to make it look ore like dust, browner color?

A good brownish color has more red value then green but more green then blue.

And maybe try a little dirt road that goes from off the scene to under the flinstone car and then have it suddenly fade out when it gets in front of the car.