'Paste flipped pose' armature problem

Hi, I’m pretty new to Blender and I’ve got a problem with pasting the flipped pose on my armature of a human, essential for a walk cycle. It’s really important that I fix this asap because It’s for a college project and I am running out of time. I’ve tried some stuff to fix it… But it keeps not working. Every time I copy the initial pose and try to paste flipped pose, it just goes all wonky and I just can’t sort it out. Could anyone help me? I’d be really grateful. Thanks. David.

Here is a link with a gif showing the problem :confused:

Thanks once more…

Without the blend file it is impossible to tell - post it to pasteall.org/blend post the link here and I’ll take a look. Most probably you will have some unapplied rotations/scales on either armature in object mode or mesh, but I cannot tell what the problem is from your image.

Cheers, Clock.

I’d agree with Clockmender. The motion itself only really tells the viewer that’s something’s not right. So that could be a long list of things, or something very simple. Without more information people would just be guessing.

As stated before, can’t really tell much from the pics.

99% of the time when people have problems with this it’s because of a bone roll issue. Generally, you need the z-axis of the leg bones to be pointing forward, and they need to match. If the left leg has all of it’s bone’s z-axis pointing forwards, then the right leg has to have it’s z-axis pointing the same way. Same thing goes for foot bones, arm & hand bones. In the armature properties panel, under display, make sure axis is checked to see the bone’s axis arrows.

If this doesn’t fix your problem then please post the file.