paste flipped pose - heywire !

Hi, guys. I’m struggling with this flip pose issue in 2.49b.
I’m trying to follow the Introduction_to_Character_Animation_19_Sept_2006 version.
If I take my character’s pose in frame 1 and copy it as flipped in frame 11 or any other frame, everything goes heywire.
The flip goes in all wrong and different directions. Look at some of my screenshot:

Then finally, my .blend file:

I have this problem with every paste flipped pose I do.

Please help.:confused::spin::eek::(:yes:
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I know what to… Basically if X-Axis Mirror is on (if you don’t have it on, turn it on.) go to the side which you didn’t flip and just once hit Ctrl+R and don’t move the mouse but click straight away. This solves it because it rotates all of the bones the correct way! :slight_smile: If this doesn’t work turn it to B-Bone and then back to whatever.

I just answered your question here

You kinda got to allow people time to respond, it’s not like this forum is filled with a ton of users with nothing better to do…