Paste Merge IPO Keyframes?

Hi All,

I have three cameras, their animations span different frame ranges:
Camera #1: Animates from 1-195
Camera #2: Animates from 195-390
Camera #3: Animates from 390-585

I want to stitch all these keyframes together so I have a single camera moving through a single IPO.

I thought I could copy from one IPO to the next, but when I paste from the buffer, it replaces my previous fames and does not merge with the existing frames.

Is there a way to do a keyframe paste/merge of IPO keyframes?

I think you can. You have to be in edit mode for all IPOs. For camera 2 select all the keyframes and copy; select camera 1, advance to frame 195 and then paste. It should add the keyframes after frame 195.