Pasting object from other blend file not working in 2.8

Hey guys,

I want to copy a complete object from one blend file to another… Mesh, material, etc … Everything. I used to just select copy C en Copy V …but that doesnt work anymore…maybe because im using 2.8

im getting this error

Cannot save old file (file saved with @)

Im not running the files in the cloud, and i tried unpacking the file first, and resaving…but its not working…

is this is a bug in 2.8?

I can also use ‘append’…but I dont know how to append the complete object…If I choose the mesh /object… it gives me the object…but not with the materials/textures… How can I append an object ‘finished’?

get another version and re test it

should work

happy bl

Ill try that, thank you!