Patch Closed Curve to Surface

Hello, I’m new in Sverchok. Coming from Dynamo and Grasshopper, i was wondering if there’s a way to patch a closed curve to get a single surface

can you upload file so we can look at the type of curve you got !

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U can try this with “ConVex Hull” node.

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cannot reproduce this nodes set up

do you have a sample file !

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Thanks for the quick response,
I’ve linked the file on WeTransfer.

sorry could not find it on the given link!

if it is less then 5 MB then upload it here
or on Pastal

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they say new users cannot attach a file

try this with “ConVex Hull” node.

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Thanks, I’m trying this out. And I’m noticing that surfaces in Sverchok depend on vertices and not the line geometry of the curve. Not like I’m used to in Dynamo and Grasshopper.

But then here in Blender theses suface is made out of many polygons, vertices and edges. I’m wondering if this surface geometry can be one single surface that I can split with other curves to get other surfaces. I will attach an image from Grasshopper.


Thanks alot, let me give it a shot

So what U actually want to do is patch the curve first, then split it, and then inset operation?

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do you need to do it with Sverchok ?
this is such a simple curve it might be possible with normal curve in Bl!

what do you want to do with it ?
deform or animate it ?

Bezier or Nurb have control points not really Verts
but can be converted to mesh topo afterward

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yes, exactly!

will this be possible? because the surface created by ConVex Hull seems to be segmented

Sorry, I haven’t figured it out yet.
After ConVex Hull node, with some other nodes, segmentation can be achieved like this.

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may be you should first define what you need !
then we can help you do it in bl

and it is hard to replicate things from another soft
might work or not !

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very interesting solution, let me explore “poke faces” and see.

I hope this explains it well

Edges to Faces builds a better surface, without any segmentation. I just found this