Patch editing tools ? Does something like this exist?

When doing retoplogy or trying to model a good mesh there will be certain confgurations of the mesh that a modeller will fairly often be looking to create. So thinsg like placing and moving loops, decreasing loop density, moving poles or trying to get rid of them.

I was reading topology stuff and recently had a look at a topology guide where someone had codified different mesh structures.

What struck me was this -
If im modelling, it would be nice to have a tool which could work on a patch of contiguous faces. The tool would then offer me a selection of operations on this patch - creating loops within the faces or across them, chosing from different methods to move a pole etc etc. The tool would then handle the selected operation in one go as though it was single operation. So, rather than me having to select faces and loops and operate on them more individually, the tool would itself handle the selected change to the topology of the patch.

Is there any such tool? Or, anything like it?

It seems to be that a tool that could operate on a patch of faces with a menu of topology manipulations on that patch would be immensely useful.