Patch for showing textures in Edit Mode

Check this out ( hopefully there will be a test build available soon with this, and a few of the later patches to this patch! )

Textured drawing in Edit Mode

  • In textured drawmode it now draws the texture, with solid mode lighting.
  • UVs and vertex colors for subsurf are not computed incremental yet, so
    editing in textured drawmode then may not be as fast as the other modes.

Implementation Notes:

  • Added textured drawing functions to the editmesh and subsurf derivedmeshes.
  • Removed some unused, legacy subsurf code that directly used Mesh.
  • Restructured texture drawing a bit to make it more clear and allow for
    editmode drawing.

(Peach feature request)

Many thanks to Brecht for such a useful update for GE users!!!

I’m not sure if this will be in time for the 2.45 release or not.

Best regards…

kewl :smiley:
can we geta screenshot of this???

there is a testbuild on

right here

Just tried the new build - this feature ROCKS!!! It has been requested for some time now, so it’s great to see it in action!!!

Once again, many thanks to Brecht!!!

It would be great if you could directly manipulate the face UVs from edit mode, as well as from Face mode ( face selection is available in either mode ).

This could make modelling, and then texturing, quite a bit faster ( less changes between the two modes ).


cool patch!


Thank you for your addition :slight_smile:
I am sure I can put it to good use :slight_smile:

Just test this out now and it rocks! YAY

Blender can now be taken more seriously in the game dev world now

(off topic - we just need redefinable hot keys, preference to create new objects at origin and a more ‘friendly’ start up screen)

it sounds great, but will there also be a button to toggle them off? I’m so used to it the way it is I think I may want to make them disappear sometimes…

To edit in Shaded mode, you could just change to shading mode ( Z ) before editing the mesh, and then change back after ( alt-Z? ).

PlantPerson, you should download the new build and give it a go - it really works well!

Downloading… I may have to download it tomorrow instead though… :frowning:
Looks cool, I do love new features so long as they don’t break old ones.

(off topic - we just need redefinable hot keys, preference to create new objects at origin and a more ‘friendly’ start up screen)

Lets focus on Dynamic hotkeys insted :slight_smile: that way we can assign them while we are working. :smiley: , none of this sifting thru the preference window :stuck_out_tongue:

PlantPerson, how did you find using the editing in textured mode?

Is everyone else finding it a useful feature for GE scene building?

Well, I would like to try it!
There’s a Linux build available somewhere?
Thank you!

Very useful to me and it makes it easier to recommend Blender to new users.

Just tried it–it’s very nice!
It would be cool if the mesh remained shaded in edit mode as well.