patch problems

hi. I’m trying to apply the cloth modifier patch in windows. when I get to the correct directory, I type the patch -p0> blahblah.patch and it prints “Patch not recognized as a command” what do I need to make it work (I’m using the 2.42a source code) thanks…

why dont you just use the binary with it already patched?

I have that. I’m just doing it for practice, like for the other patches in the patch tracker. I’m just wondering if I need a lib file or something for it to know the ‘patch’ command.

In order to apply a patch you will need an application called patch.exe
This is not part of windows and i’m not sure if CVS comes with it.
There are several free versions of patch.exe available. So you’d should be able to google out one. May be you already have it and you path is not set to find it.

And you will need to have exactly the version of the sourcecode the patch is assuming. For a patch file is only the “difference” to add to a well known base. Most of the time you"ll have a hint like " this patch applies to fresh CVS checkout 2006/12/9 9:00 am" … so you’d need to get a snapshot of the sourcecode like it was 2006/12/9 to have that patch working. With a litte luck it will work with later versions too … but well times are changing

Okay, I’ve got the GnuWin32 patch.exe thing and put it in the c:\WINDOWS folder so it will run from patch -p0 < patch.patch. Now since I have the source for 2.42a it dosen’t come with the libs to compile it. Is it possible to get these without getting the 70 mb tarball (I have a dial-up connection)? thanks