Patched blender 2.5 build for win32 with remesh modifier

it can be found on this web site :
with the name :

Thanks a lot! Downloading now…

Surprising to not see more feedback, considering how much people were hoping for the quad remeshing project.

Tested quickly, and it’s interesting especially for an early version, though i have been unable to obtain something workable if i used the default “Sharp” in the modifier “Mode” , as it lead into many many holes in the obtained quad mesh and many overlapping faces too .

Only “Smooth” seemed to be able to give a mesh without holes and overlapped faces, but you need a higher “Octree Depth” to get at least a bit of details.

But overall it can be nice for people that absolutely hate tris in a model.

It seems to work very well on booleans case, for example.

I’d be more excited about Quad dominant re-meshing that was started in GSOC 2010 :confused:
This one, really awesome, but not as exciting…

Yeah, this isn’t the same as the mixed integer solver in the 2010 Gsoc, it produces “stepping” especially on higher resolutions and isn’t suitable for retopology of characters. It looks pretty good on the boolean modifier example, but i think it has more to do with the fact that its a cubic shape to begin with - rotating the whole shape a little in editmode will probably produce artifacts. But don’t take my word for it, i haven’t tried it.

Does Bmesh integration effect the results of these tools’ positively?

I get a system error: “The program can’t start because wrap_oal.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem”.

An example of the quad remeshing modifier :

Original sculpture :

Imported in Blender :

After using remeshing modifier (using its smooth mode as the sharp produce bad results, with some additional Octree depth as lower octree depth would not “capture” the whole ear, followed by a shrinkwrap modifier to recapture the original model surface better)

Out of some bugs and little holes here and there, for an early alpha, it’s very good for a start, but obviously does not replace a good retopo.

Hopefully there will be at some point in the future some more user control on the topology obtained.

wrap_oal.dll is a component of the OpenAL default install, the file is present in the Blender directory of every Blender install, official or graphicall version.

But from the zoo-logique remesh build, this file is strangely missing.

I didn’t ran into this message because in my 2.5x user preferences i had in System -> Sound set it to “None” as i don’t need sounds in blender.
But you can certainly take the wrap_oal.dll from an official or graphical 2.56 version and put it in this remesh build from zoo-logique blender to fix this error message (and if you don’t need sound in Blender, set it to None too in your user preferences)

Sorry, I used to build with scons and the sdl’s sound only and, this time, with cmake where the openal option was set. I didn’t notice any problem on my own system when I launched the exectuatble, so …

The missing dll was added to the archive.

Thanks for sharing this build anyways, it’s great for us coding/compilling incompetent people :wink:

ohhh this is not from the last GOSC? this makes sense now.

Mmmh, unfortunately quite messy results with curved objects.
Very promising, though… good work Nicholas Bishop!