Patched Blender Builds

Hi community,

You don’t have to wait a nice feature now!

I’m going to upload Blender builds that have nice features but not in the official trunk.

Click here

Demohero :yes:

Thanks for these new patch
hope you’ll keep up with latest built

any idea if you can include the microdisplacement feature
which seems to add nice texturing but apart of the planet texture
i guess it was there many month ago then remove i think!

happy 2.5

I couldn’t find in the trunk. What was the exact name of that feature? Remember?

this was several months ago

i almost forgot about it

it think it may have been included in some of the first release of render branch built
and it’s called micropoly displacement about vector displacement

see this thread for a picture look at date 8 may 2010 about second page down on this site

there is also this thread here

and i think there was something about this in Durian project
and may also have seen this in one of the early mfoxdogg video!

hope you can find this patch if available


Searched it again but no sign of it. Sorry. Maybe it was removed or it is in the latest render branch. Don’t know exactly.

sorry maybe also ?

Wow, these are great.

Hey demohero :slight_smile:

please try including my meshcache modifier patch from here:

In case someone asks, yes i will submit it to the blender patch-tracker soon too :wink:

Thanks for the patch Loolarge.

Build is here.

Just fixed a mean bug (see forum-thread)
New patch here