i was wondering how you use patches and what they are exactly
if someone could explain or if theres somewhere i could read about it that would be nice


Patches are modifications to the C code of Blender. In order to use them, you have to first have set things up so that you can compile and build Blender from the source code on your own computer. Your original post doesn’t give much of a suggestion about whether you really want to do this, but here’s a little more information to get you started:

Once you’ve got this done, you can apply a patch as described here:

If what you really want is to work with development builds of Blender, you’re better off downloading readymade builds at Usually if there’s an interesting patch, somebody will make a build with that patch available on that site for people to use.

thanks for replying,
but i dont know anything about programing so i dont think i could make any patches :frowning: