Patchy hair particles

Hello everyone. As you can see, there’re these spots on the mesh. I’ve already checked if I was combing them in the wrong direction and also tried adding more hairs as well. Still getting these patches in certain areas. In the viewport, they go away depending on the angle, but in renders, they’re always there, no matter how much hair I add.

What could the problem be?

Thank you!

Are you using any kind of texture or weight paint to control the density or the size of the particles? of the p

I’m using vertex groups - There are no variations with the weight paint values in the areas with these patches; it’s all set to max.

I have seen this in the past. Don’t really know but switching it on and off seems to fix it sometimes. Like the invert button.

By " switching on and off ", you mean, disconnecting the hair and connecting it back?

I think using the invert switch may help. But if you have combed the hair I think it may disrupt that.


I found out what the problem was, a rather silly one to be honest. Basically, some of the hairs were too " flat ", close to the mesh. All I had to do was puff some of them. I’d never thought it could be the cause since there’re other hairs like that and yet I don’t get patches there. Thanks though.

Yeah, I was wondering, good thing.