Path AI...and an apology.

I apologize for asking so many questions lately, but I am working on a new project and doing a lot of things I’ve never done before. So anyway:

I need an AI where I can make an animated object follow a path. I was going to use Doc Holiday’s WayPoints system, but it didn’t work right.:confused: All that happened was the object fell over…

…that’s all…

so help?

doing a pathfinding it’s pretty hard, if you haven’t any idea of how to do this you should lower our expectation … Maybe try the johando fps ai kit pretty usefull !

I’m sure you’ll be able to modify it to your needs.

here is pathfollowing without any code

No need to apologize… :wink:

mmph!: the first page wont open. can you check it? errr…actually…I dont know if this is waht I want. I basically need an AI system where I can have an animal wander around either randomly or on a set path and go away at a certain time and point. Also, when you shoot it, it will die. heheh…

now any ideas?

search button fps ai kit …

you can have a random very easy with the Simple AI.

on the condition that you want it randomly walking around just have a random actuator set to INT and the property for the current node.

This may or may not require python, but I just thought up that you could use just two directional objects for a path, one that turns the object right and one that turns it left.

Mmph!: I like…so I have a random number that sets what point to go to next? hmmmm…I’ll work on it…

why don’t you use johando one ?

with the simple AI there is a property that denotes which node the bot is currently following.
On the condition that you want your animal to wander off the path, (collision, a timer, a ray to detect the player etc…), just use the random actuator to poke a random value into the current node property.

hope that makes sense

So if I needed the animal to run at a gunshot I __________________________________
And if I need it to come at a call I _____________________________________________


for the gunshot, send a message to the bot to change the way it follows the node network.(just make it change direction, or follow an “escape path network.”
Same thing for the call, except on that condition have the animal track to the player rather than another path node.

I should just whip up a quick game with the simple AI that you guys can take apart to look at.I might have some time on saturday …


Are you guys talking about just going from point to point to point, over and over?

Can you just use an ipo?

no his talking just about random mouvement, like wandering around witohout following any path.

I think what you are asking for is exactly what mmph gave you… I have seen the robot AI thingy he made and its pretty simple but effective.
Just take your time and WATCH everything that is happening while that little robot walks around and shoots the targets.
You can turn it on under tha game controls to see the logic stuff as it happens…
once you watch it for a while you will see…
It may seem overwhelming at first with all those logic bricks.
In the end, unless your a super sweet A* programmer, you will have to decide what you can and cant live with for now…
I have found in blender, sometimes “close” is just fine.
And yes like black reaper said. lower your expaectations for a while until you fully understand what happening, otherwise you will end up giving up.
And thats no fun cause we want you around here…

For AI movement I made a small demo in this thread here

Mmph! said he actually likes how you don’t need waypoints or nodes because the only two types of objects needed is objects that turns the bot left or right. It’s a minimalistic approach for starters, not much needed, and no python needed.

BTW: I actually made the demo to prove my idea in my first reply in this thread

yea cyborg dragon has a pretty sweet setup, it might be exactly what you need.