Path animation - Banking?


I’m trying to do a quick animation of a spacecraft following a curve.

Is there a way to add banking? Without it, it doesn’t look right.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You could have it on a Locked Track constraints so that one axis is facing an empty, then just move the empty around to change the roll.

There is a “Tilt” function on curves. First the curve has to have “3d” enabled i the edit panel.
Then scroll your animation to the point on the curve where you want to tilt, bring the curve into edit mode.
Select jthe nearest CV point and then press “T”. you should then see the object that is on the
curve bank/rotate, the value you are tilting is also shown.

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Although the “Tilt” function that nozzy mentioned will give you complete control over the banking, I recently did a basic skiing animation, which used the “Locked Track” constraint, and would simplify the process.

I had the skis parented to the object(a) following the path(b), and set ipos on the path to make them move. Then, I duplicated the path(b), and path object(a), (leaving them in the same location) and scaled the path© by 0.5 along the y-axis (my skis were moving in “-x” direction). Then, I parented a cube(e) (or empty) to the second path object(d), and set it directly above that second path object(d). My left ski had a “locked track” constraint towards the cube(e). To adjust the range of the banking, you could either raise or lower the cube(e), or scale the second path© wider or thinner.