Path animation, dupliverts, etc

(banana_sock) #1

i have an object that follows a simple path animation. I would like the object to travel along the path and repeat the path forever. I tried with ipos, but it didn’t seem to work. I would also like to have multiples of this object moving along the path at the same time. If i used dupliverts, i got the right effects, but the new objects didn’t move along the path. Is there an easy way for me to do all of this?

(S68) #2

Question is not much clear to me…

To make the object repeat the path forether go to the SPEED ipo and make a saw-like ipo placing two points, one in (1,0) and une in (the last frame of the singlec cycle,1)

then press the Extend-Cyclic button ( the W like button in IPO window

To havce multiple object lyke you say the best way, IMHO is to make real dups of both object and path, then make the speed IPO of each path single user AND translate it to the desired delay


(Soulstorm) #3

did a quick blend (was a bit trickier than I thought)

duplicate a path for every object you use. and parent the objects to them.

start the objects’ speed IPOs on different levels (here i used 0.5 and 0).

when the speed gets to 1 do a straight jump to 0.

(this will make more sense if you look in the blend file, i promise :smiley: )

hope this helps… quick 'n easy (but hard to explain)

(banana_sock) #4

making the animation cyclic didn’t work for my obect, probably cos it was a path animation, but now i can. (thanx soulstorm)
i still don’t think i can do exactly what i want to do, but i think i can work around it…