Path animation smooth problem

Hello everybody!

I am doing a logo animation in blender for a friends boss who is opening up a company. It is an infinite sign. I made the sign quite easily. I made the default cube long and narrow and added a large number of edge loops across it. Then I used a curve modifier to make it into an horizontal 8. I subsurfed it and smoothed it. So far so good:

Since she wants the mesh flying in, kind of like a ribbon ( ) I then extended the path to animate it in. However, the longer the path gets, the more edgy the mesh gets:

This happens no matter how many edge loops I give the mesh in the beginning.

Is there anything I can do to keep the mesh smooth, or maybe to animate the length of the path during animation? Any help would be greatly apreciated.


Maybe it’s the path that isn’t smooth enough any more. Try increasing the default resolution (DefResolU) of the path.

YES! that was exactly it!! and so simple! Thanks you several million times.

No problem, glad it worked!