Path Animation: start point and end point

Hi all. Given how long I’ve been using blender, I’m amazed at how much I still don’t know. Anyway, I have an animation that’s 325 frames long (13 seconds at 25 fps), and there is a butterfly that I have in this animation. The butterfly flies in a circular type motion based on a path animation. My problem is that I can’t figure out how to keep this animation going past the start/finish point of the path…the butterfly starts at one point and stops at about frame 120 (after going completly around the path) at that same point, but it reaches this point well before the 325th frame. If I adjust the speed, it just gets there faster or slower (too slow looks like it’s flying is slow motion–I don’t want that). Reducing the frame rate is not an option. Basically, is there anyway to make the object (butterfly) continuously follow the path animation and loop even if it reaches the start/end point before the animation stops at the 325th frame.

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Be sue that path length matches your need

Add a cyclic tyme IPO going from 0 at frame 1 to 1 at frame whatever 120

to make the IPO ciclic there is an apposite button in shape of a ‘W’ in the IPO buttons bottom of IPO window. (Actually there are two, one makes cyclic, the other makes extended, just try)



The scale for time IPOs
x-axis: Frame of the animation
y-axis: State of the object in frame X

The scale for Speed IPO’s going from 0 to 1 (fraction of the path length)

For a cyclic pathanimation with 120 frames you have to set up the Time IPO (for the butterfly) with 3 key frames:

  1. X = 1; Y=1
  2. X =120; Y=120
  3. X =121; Y=1