Path/Curve Extrusion and longitudinal rotation

Hi to everyone,

found a weird problem with extrude modelling in Blender and did not found any solution so plz help me.

No problem with curve extrusion when need to rotate the object along the curve. To get a simple example try to imagine this … You have a curve of the “U” shape and need to extrude a rectangle along it. For this purpose my path/curve has three control point - both ends and in the middle to make the path fluent enough.

Now I make enough segments to extrude nicely but … what about longitudinal rotation??? In a waaay old software called Imagine 3D on my old Amiga there was a posibility to rotate path segments along its longitudinal axis (if we have the “U” path visible from the front view the rotation along “X” axis in the middle is what Im talking about) so I could make rotation 0deg on both ends but 45deg in the middle - how can I do this in Blender???

 THX for Your answers mates, sincerely JayM

PS: If this is hard to understand I will post the pictures but I think that “longitudinal rotation” explains itself.

This is called Tilt in Blender. Grab curve middle point(s) and use Proportional edit Connected mode to tilt more than one curve point with gradual falloff; Ctrl-T.

U R the man eppo! THX MUCH!

 Sincerely, JayM