Path extrusion

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I’m looking for a step by step tutorial for extrude something along a given path. I think I have to use the dupliframes feature, but I’m not familiar with Blenders animation part.

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make your path as a Bezier/Nurb CURVE (as opposed to mesh)

make the profile to be extruded again as a Bezier/Nurb CURVE

(neither needs to be closed, order of these first steps is unimportant)

Give to the two objects/Curves a delightful name.

Selecting the PATH, in the Edit Window look for
a BevOb labelled button, (bottom, sorta righty)

In that button write the NAME of the profile Curve/Object.

That’s it, You got the extrusion.

Beware, sometimes the RELATIVE orientation of the profile
and the path is not what you expected. Rotating the profile as an object doesn’t help, you myst switch to editmode, select all control points and then rotate. This way it works because the vertices are moved and the local coordinate sistem of the profile is not!

Then, if you don’t like surfaces and you want a mesh convert it with good old ALT+C

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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Hi Stefano!

Hey, that’s it! It’s quite easy! Thanks for your help. The only problem I have is to give the objects a ‘delightful’ name … :wink: