Path Follow Animation assistance

Hi all

So i have to Create an Escalator and I’m not sure how i Move the Steps correctly.

My idea is to have a Path and then id like to have the Wheel of the step to follow that path, but i have joined the wheel to the step, so they are one object but how do i make the Wheel follow the path and not the Objects origin point ?

ps… There is a front and back wheel, and each has a different path to follow, that’s how the steps become flat at the bottom and become steps as they go up.

pps… I’m also not sure what to call this thread, i don’t want to give a miss leading title.

You posted your question in the wrong section. It’s the other Animation thread that you should post it in.

It will also help if you are able to post a blend file to examine.

Thanks So much for Moving it, I was not sure how to move the Question.

Also I do not know how I include a Project file for you to look at, Really sorry about the Noobness of my post, I haven’t used this site a lot,
Please could you assist. Thanks

I would like to Basicaly animate escalator steps along a path but they keep deforming if i use a n array modifier with a curve modifier, and i did place the array above the curve.

If i just Duplicate the Object and place the steps in theri corect places, they just flow along the path from one point, the opint under the first step.

Dose anyone know if there is a way to make the individual objects follow along the path but with their own origin point in at the bottom of the object and not at the first object ?

I do have a constraint per objects (Step)