Path follow - camera flips 180°

Hi guys!

I just wanted to render a primitive fly-around to check for errors in my hand model in different angles before going into sculpting and texturing. I’m rather new to animation though, so maybe someone can tell me how I can prevent my camera from flipping like in this video?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: I also don’t find an IPO curve for the circle :frowning: Plus I don’t understand how I can add more frames so it doesn’t go so fast…it has 100 frames to start with, if I switch to 150 it stops at 100 and continues at 1 again. Maybe the problem is that I chose a simple circle as a curve?

Please check my file! I angled the circle slightly, that way it doesn’t flip seamlessly at least…


hand_anim.blend (385 KB)

This bug is so famous, it has a name. The z-twist bug. Or as I call it the zero-crossing bug. It is fixed in Blender 2.5 and also in Zebulon’s custom 2.49 build. Use one of those builds, or move the circle till it works, as you have found out.

Paths, by default, are only 100 frames long, so to make your camera tour take more time, select the curve, press F9 and adjust the path length to a higher number.

Thanks, man, that was great help :slight_smile: I was already beginning to doubt my senses… Time for 2.5 official :slight_smile: