Path Offset in Blender 2.5? (Where is the speed curve?)

Hi All,

I am trying to move an object along a curve. I want that object to wait 90 frames before it starts moving. I can’t seem to get this to work in Blender 2.5.

IPOs are gone now, so where is the speed IPO for curves?

Thanks, stuck…:frowning:

Have you memory loss?


Yep, I most certainly have. I was digging and digging around in the datablocks and I could not find it.

Select the object in the datablocks list.
Click the plus next to the word “Data”.
Click the plus next to the name of the curve.
Right click on Evaluation Time to add a key frame.


I am glad it is so conveniently located.

Thanks for the link back my own post.:eek:

I’m sorry, where the hell is the datablocks list?

Look in the link posted by Richard. However, you do not need to do this now; you can add the ‘Speed’ IPO by adding a keyframe in the Evaluation Time box found in the curves Object type properties window.

Thanks. This is the first time I’ve ever had a complaint about Blender in almost 5 years. That’s definitely one thing they need to make a little more intuitive.

No, no no…

It’s easier then EVER. Animate the OFFSET value of a path constraint.


path.blend (366 KB)

…or from Curve panel, Path Animation, Frames


The original question was ‘where has the speed IPO gone’. If you import a 2.4 blend with a speed IPO to 2.5 it is the Evaluation Time that gets keyframed.
Out of interest what is the advantage of animating the OFFSET value?

The answer is that IPO’s are ALL gone, replaced with the more consistent and usable f curve system. This is a GOOD thing.

The offset value is the exact position along the path ( 0 to 100% of the path’s total length ) As the offset value is readily available to key-frame from the constraints properties panel without any other setup steps, it only takes seconds to create and is far more intuitive then manipulating the global time value of the animation.

check out the attached Blend


path_offset.blend (390 KB)