path problem

i made a path, then duplicated it several times then joined them together.
when i get something to travel the path it only stays at the first path.
how do i tell it vert 1 is else where!


glasscoil.blend (796 KB)

Instead of using multiple paths just extrude the end of the original path.

thanks but that would be way to hard when it is a coil.
anyway that works now.
how do i put several items along the path?

you can use the array modifier in conjunction with the curve modifier to duplicate the object along the curve.

but i don’t know enough to understand it!

your paths are not joined so the object can’t move along the entire path

I have delete the duplicate vertex and joined them by selecting the verts at the end of the gap and pressing F


glasscoil.blend (794 KB)

thanks VERY much