Path segments - How to make them equal?


Here’s the problem - I’m making a camera to follow a path around a “city” of some sort. At some points, though, it seems to move faster and at other places it seems to go slower. It probably has to do with the path segments being unequal - the distance between two points differs from place to place. Is it possible to equally redistribute the points that make up the path, while retaining its shape as much as possible? Could there be a script available? Could it be easy to make, if not?

Thanks in advance people

I would like to know the answer to this question as well.

One thing you can do is to open up the IPO editor and choose paths and then select the speed curve. It is not linear by default. Simply select all the points A-Key, press TAB-Key then Press V-Key to make them all linear.

If the curve is simple, try re-drawing it. Use CTRL-Clicks to make sure they snap to grid points and simply layout your curve with your clicks equal distances apart.