Path speed- too fast!

Ok- I read a few tutorials on the path tool today and I got a very general idea of how the path tool works. My only problem is that I don’t know how to adjust the speed at which the object travels along the path. I’ve tried messing with the settings, but to no avail :(. Can anyone help me out? Much thanks :D.

Select the curve, go into edit buttons (F9) and change the PathLen value. You can also use a time IPO. There are threads on that already, like Ian

Speaking of paths, I noticed something that seemed wrong to me, not sure if it is a bug or not.

If I create a “curve” and use it as a path, I can change from the default pathlen of 100 frames, no problem.

If I create a “path” and set it’s default PathLen, nothing happens, no matter if I try to increase or decrease it’s length in frames, it stays at 100 frames for the child to transform the paths length.

Does this happen to everyone else?

Check the following reference:
Blender Basics, 2nd Edition, Classroom Tutorial Book by James Chronister.
Go to Chapter 15 - Working with Constraints, Following Paths and Curves, pages 83 and 84. If I read it correctly, you will need to delete the Speed Ipo and then the Pathlen will work.
I’m still learning animation and speed paths with regard to animating a helo’s flight path.
If you haven’t downloaded the book, recommend you do so. I’ve found it very valuable.

Ah, I didn’t realize that an IPO is automatically created with the creation of a ‘path’, but not with a curve, I guess I should have thought about that since I did notice once that I had to remove a speed IPO from a curve that I was using as a path before I could change it’s pathlen.


I just took a peek at that reference, looks like a good read.
EDIT: seems all I got was the table of contents, I tried to follow the url on pg 2 but cannot seem to find this book, could you point me to it?

Go here:

Download from there.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

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