Path test.. but it turned out cool

This idea was just yet another blenderpath test (yes I’m still working on it, slowly…). But I thought it worthy of posting.


Looks somewhat like something you’d find in a half-dried swamp or such xD Cool !

Could you give us an update of your progress? Do you still update your wiki page on the topic? Thot about coding something along the lines of a Maxwell-type renderer for blender? (Okay, sorry for all the questions… just letting you know that there’s still some interest in your efforts out here! Keep at it!)

To the less experienced people around here, what’s Blenderpath? (Well I bet it’s one of them nifty Pythonscripts, but what does it do?)

I think it was a recode of Blender’s internal rendering engine to include some yafray-like features… but BlackMage could be more specific as to details…

Ah, cool! Sounds interesting …